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    16 Feb,2015

    ‘Excellent entertainment, wonderful to have it local to us’ (Audience member at ‘Wingin ‘it’, Mollington, Autumn 2014)

    ‘It’s great to experience live music which is unusual + of excellent quality, on our doorstep’ (Audience member at ‘Pacific Curls’ Goostrey, Autumn 2014)

    ‘Great to see innovative and “out there” performances close to home. Keep it coming!’ (Audience member  at ‘Tell Tale Hearts’ Tattenhall, Autumn 2014)

    ‘Absolutely fabulous! The performance was engaging and fascinating in content and presentation. The hospitality at the venue was outstanding too’ (Audience member at ‘The Osiligi Maasai Warriors’ Upton, Autumn 2014)

    ‘The kids (10 + 13) loved it! They’d never been to the theatre before’ (Audience member at Farnham Maltings show ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’, Plumley, January 2015)

    ‘What a fabulous production + actors were amazing – so much done by so few!’ (CRTA Promoter on ‘Gonzo Moose show ‘What the Dickens’ Autumn 2014)

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    17 Nov,2014

    I love dance. We never seem to get any at our village hall. What do we need to do to make that happen?