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General Information – About CRTA for artists

CRTA welcome submissions from professional touring artists and companies from theatre, music, dance, live literature and live arts disciplines. CRTA has built up a reputation of very high quality performances which we aim to maintain every season.

Please consider the following points if you are a performer considering rural touring

  • Rural venues can be small scale to very small scale!
  • Typically we can offer between 1 and 3 dates on the Cheshire circuit. If you are producing a wider tour then you may wish to consider contacting other rural touring schemes in the UK to build a larger tour.
  • Many rural venues have limited technical resources.
  • Would you willing to accept hospitality accommodation on your tour? (i.e. being put up in peoples homes)
  • We are currently trial running programming 1 season a year rather than two touring seasons per year for spring and autumn as we have done in the past. We will programme spring 2015 and then we shall begin programming autumn 15/spring 16.  We will generally look at  work to programme six months prior to the season. We do accept information on any work for consideration throughout the year, which we will file until we begin programming.
  • Once we have selected a number of suitable companies for the season we will contact the companies for their touring dates on offer and create a menu of performances, from which promoters select the performance they wish to host. We will then be able to confirm take up of the dates offered with the companies or release any unsold dates back to sell on elsewhere.
  • For more information on rural touring and other schemes in the UK please visit the National Rural Touring Forum (NRTF) website www.ruraltouring.org

If you have work that you would like to be considered for the CRTA please note that we will only be programming once per year. You can contact us about your work and send us information at any time during the year, but we will not be able to programme work until autumn time for the next year ahead. If you wish to send us some information about your work can you let us know the following things.

  • Dates you wish to tour
  • Cost (per gig and if there are any discounts for more than 1 performance)
  • Publicity material (images/ flyers/reviews etc) also any links to websites or online material, via email to us.
  • If companies wish to send us information on work for submission, then it is best to do so via email. If you have questions or would like to talk to us about your work, then please do contact us to arrange a time for us to talk.
  • The scheme is run by 2 part time managers who work half a week each, so please bear in mind that time is scarce for us. Contact us in advance to arrange a time to discuss any work so we can set some time aside for you. We do encourage and welcome companies and artists to talk to us.

Click here to download a copy of our Artistic Programming Policy