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Tales from the Forest

Tales from the Forest

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We have been working with Funnelwick Limb on the release of six free audio tales – going back and forward in time – exploring the magical world of Atom & Luna in Tales from the Forest.

Check out the trailer for our collaboration with Funnelwick Limb https://www.youtube.com/watch?

Our heroes, Atom & Luna (left home alone by their mother), are saved from starvation by the arrival of their magical child minder, Iffly Sney.  But Iffly falls terribly ill and only the twins can save him. They must seek out the mysterious Old Mother Redbeard. And so begins Atom & Luna’s journey into the heart of the forest that will change their lives forever.

Tales from the Forest take us into the depths of the forest, to reveal its secrets and prepare us for Atom & Luna’s epic journey.

Head to your app store of choice to play the NEW Augmented Reality Fairy Tale which is The Quest for Old Mother Redbeard – (search Atom and Luna).

Find out more at funnelwicklimb.com

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