The Conductor

The Conductor

Raving Mask

The Conductor

A heart-warming tale of one’s right to life, this award-winning piece of “symphony-theatre” tells the true story of Shostakovich’s “Leningrad Symphony,” composed for a city being lost to the chaos of war, and performed by a battered, starving orchestra when the people needed it most, renewing faith in our capabilities, as well as the dignity and power that art may serve.

More than a story of war, it is the story of one’s right to life, told through to an uplifting finish, and performed alongside the live music of the symphony itself.

“…an emotional tour de force… The audience is swept along by excellent performances and, for 70 enthralling minutes” Wild Times, Tunbridge Wells


Saturday 28th April – 7.30pm – Bickerton Village Hall

Tickets can be purchased by calling 01829 782 348 / 01829 720 440   or email nigelbriers@btinternet.com or online

www.facebook.com/conductorplay | Suitable for adults 16+

Venue Information

Bickerton Village Hall

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