Ensonglopedia of Science

Ensonglopedia of Science

John Hinton
Ensonglopedia of Science

A song about science for each letter of the alphabet. Expect atoms, black holes, cells, DNA and essentially everything else. Expect the unexpected. And expect it to rhyme.

John Hinton is the multi-award-winning creator of musical comedies about Charles Darwin, Albert Einstein and Marie Curie. In Ensonglopedia of Science, he plays a wide range of genres on a vast array of instruments, starting with the appropriate letter of the alphabet.

Ensonglopedia of Science is a fast-past, hugely entertaining and utterly enlightening evening, bound to captivate anyone from age 7 upwards with a passing interest in understanding this Universe of ours. Gentle quiz element for audiences to join in with.

“Wow! What a selection. What a demonstration of the immense range of science… Outstanding show.” Fringe Review

Saturday 19th May – 7.30pm – The Goodwill Hall, Faddiley
Tickets available online soon or by calling 01270 524 441 or email jwycherley@madasafish.com

www.ensonglopedia.com | Suitable for ages 7+

Venue Information

The Goodwill Hall, Faddiley

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