Cello on Fire

Cello on Fire

Peter Hudler
Cello on Fire

A Solo Cello Show – no standard classical recital but an extraordinary mix of styles, ranging literally from Baroque to Rock. Austrian cellist Peter Hudler combines astonishing virtuosity with inspired musicianship.


The programme brings together specially commissioned works by contemporary musicians such as John Zorn with classical pieces from the likes of Bach and Debussy, plus a wide range of Jazz, Folk and cross-over music.


Peter Hudler introduces the pieces, explaining the background to them and including anecdotes and stories to keep it light for audiences. All together, it adds up to an entertaining and spectacular night full of cello surprises.


“Be prepared to put any pre-conceptions of what a cello can sound like to one side and be prepared to let Peter Hudler re-define this instrument for you.” The Southside Advertiser, 2019


Saturday 13th June – 7.30pm – Upton-by-Chester Village Hall 01244 380 068

www.peterhudler.com | Suitable for ages 12+

Venue Information

Upton By Chester Village Hall

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